Find us at the Farmer's Market!

The easiest place to buy our product is at one of our many farmer's markets in the Seattle metro area. Markets are a great way to meet us face to face and build a stronger local food community. 

We are at three markets all year round - Ballard, West Seattle, and Capitol Hill (Broadway). During the spring, summer and fall, find us at Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, and Magnolia in addition to our three regular markets. 

We always have a wide variety of pastured pork cuts, including fresh pork like ribs, chops, and roasts, as the classic favorites bacon, sausage and ham. If you want to ask a question, make a custom order, or have us hold something for you at market,  send us an email during the week!

Come by the farm.

Visitors are welcome at almost any time on the farm. Come see how we raise our animals and take some bacon home! We love when people buy meat at the farm, or just visit to see what we're up to.  Call ahead so we can make sure someone is home! 

One of our awesome 2016 employees rocking a market in Olympia 

One of our awesome 2016 employees rocking a market in Olympia 

Half and Whole Shares

For the best deal on prime pastured pork, buy a half or whole pork share. We have half and whole pigs available regularly throughout the year. We can take deposits by mail or at the market.