Pastured Pigs

Our specialty is pastured pork. We sell pork by the cut year round at all our markets, and by the half and whole hog share available throughout the year. We have wholesale pricing and primal cuts available to chefs and butchers. 
Contact us to arrange a special order or on-farm pick-up. 


Many of our piglets are born on the farm. We raise heritage pigs (Berkshire, Tamworth, and Duroc) and breed them for the best genetic combination of health and flavor. That changes based on markets - we do offer 100% Berkshire Pork, upon request. We love knowing our pigs from the time they are born to the end of their lives, so we know they have been loved and treated well every day. 


Our animals live on pasture all summer, rooting in grass and mud, getting lots of fresh air and sun. They are rotated between paddocks so they always have green grass. Even throughout the winter, the pigs have access to the outdoors, fresh air and open sky, but they sleep warm and dry in our historic barns. 



All our animals are fed fresh milled daily certified organic peas, wheat, triticale, and barley that we grow. Often the grains are soaked to promote easy digestion and increased nutritional value. We fertilize our grain fields with manure from on-farm livestock - further closing our nutrient cycle.