If you are ready to buy a half or whole pig share, look no further. You will get the best deal on prime pastured pork, and can have your share cut up however you want. We have shares available 3 to 4 times per year, unlike many other farms, to give you maximum flexibility.

In 2017, we will have half and whole shares available in June, September and October.

You can put a deposit on your share at any time. Be sure to reserve your share at least a month in advance! 


You get the best price

When you buy a whole hog, you get the best price per pound on the meat. We charge by the hanging weight (the animal's weight after slaughter, before butchery) -  $5.50/lb hanging weight for a whole animal, $6/lb hanging weight for a half animal. We cover the slaughter cost and transportation, butcher fees charged separately. Expect to pay between $500 and $600 for a half animal, all included, and $1000 and $1100 for a whole hog, but we will have the final price after slaughter. After butchery you can expect between 135 and 150 pounds of meat off a whole pig. All told, you pay about $7.95 per pound for butchered meat, the best price you can find at the market. 

We take deposits of $100 per half hog. You can mail us a check or make a deposit at the market. We are also able to accept payment in installments before the animal is ready for butchering. 

Your meat, cut your way 

Don't like roasts? No problem. Our half and whole processing goes through the same butcher as our USDA cuts, so you can get the same great recipes and familiar cuts that you love at market. You tell us what you want, and the butchers will cut your hog to order, just the way you want. 

We chose Malcos Buxton Meats outside Portland because they cut meat the way we want. They leave the skin on for juicier, fattier cuts of meat, and they use a real smokehouse for their bacon, ham, and sausage instead of artificial smoke flavors. It's a family run butcher shop, opened in 1942, so they know how to get you the cuts you want. 


What cuts of meat should I expect to get?

Some people are confused about what meat actually comes off a single pig. How many packs of bacon do I get? The answer to those questions depends on how you choose to have the butcher cut your animal. Every pig has the same body parts, but those parts can be turned into different kinds of cuts for cooking. Here are some numbers to give you a sense of the options. A whole hog has: 
- 20 pounds of belly, that can be turned into bacon.
-20 pounds of pork rib chops
-2 racks of spare ribs, 2-3lbs each
-25 pounds of shoulder, that can be turned into Boston butt, picnic roasts or sausage
-25 pounds of leg for ham and sirloin steaks, or sausage
-45 pounds of fat, bones, trotters, liver and heart