Organic Grain

We grow certified organic wheat, peas and barley to feed to our animals. By feeding our animals grain grown on our property, we can put much of that nutrition directly back into the ground as manure. When we rotate animals on pasture, we return nutrients to the soil, which comes back to us next season as food for humans and animals. Nutrient cycling is a core principle of sustainability. We control our pollution from animal waste while also producing the highest quality animal feed possible. 

Local History 

We are excited to trial heirloom grain varieties for Washington State University. Historically, a wide variety of grains were grown in the Pacific Northwest, although today most of our grain is grown east of the Cascade Mountains. We are proud to be a part of exploring and reclaiming that part of our agricultural history in western Washington. 

Buying our Grain 

We are what we eat, and so are our animals. By growing and mixing our own grain we assure the highest quality animal feed, which we mix and sell by the ton. Minerals for the animal species should be added separately. Contact us if you are interested in buying organic animal feed with no corn or soy. 


A big thank you to the Organic Farm School on Whidbey Island for loaning us their seed cleaner.