We are a team of young farmers inspired to grow good food and connect our communities to the land. 

Hidden River Farms supports and encourages young farmers to inherit an aging industry. The average age of farmers in America is 58. If we are going to create a sustainable future for our food systems, we need young people excited about food and committed to farming. 

Evan Mulvaney started the business when he was 19, farming half an acre and selling at a roadside stand outside of Olympia, Washington. His original business was Steamboat Junction Farm. Since then, he has grown the operation to include 88 acres of grain, vegetables and pasture, but producing good food with his hands in the dirt is still Evan's passion. In the process of growing his operation, he partnered with the South Sound Community Farmland Trust and a local nonprofit, Enterprise for Equity, to access historic farm land in Rochester. 

As his community grew, the vision for Hidden River Farms was born - a farm where many young farmers can work side by side on their own independent projects. The property on the Wynochee River, near Montesano, provided new opportunities for growth. Now, Hidden River includes a diverse group of employees, interns and friends who share a common interest in food systems and agriculture. Evan is currently focused on growing an ethical, sustainable pork and produce operation that can provide a living wage to everyone involved, while other members of the farm are working on heirloom seed breeding trials and land use data analysis.